ClearCareer Pathway

Your college experiences have set you on your path toward an exciting career. ClearCareer Pathway will provide you with guidance in applying what you learn in your courses to clear demonstrations of the professional knowledge and skills that employers seek.


This portal has “real life” activities and tasks embedded in scenarios with feedback to coach and guide you to recognize your strengths and continuing development needed in the “employability skills” that today’s jobs demand. Finally, you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned and show your expanding perspective in responding to the top questions you can expect to face when interviewing for a position in this field. By the end of the program, you’ll have completed four ClearCareer Pathway sessions, and gathered practice and confidence in walking the path from the classroom to the workplace.

Start your ClearCareer Pathway by choosing your degree and degree speciality:

There are 7 steps to the ClearCareer Pathway


Step 1 Tell Us About Yourself

Step 2 Your Understanding of Related Careers

Step 3 Your Career Employability Traits

Step 4 Practice Employability Skills

Step 5 Work Challenge Scenario

Step 6 Practice Interview Questions

Step 7 Next Steps on Your Pathway